网络棋牌游戏平台十大排行提供了一套行之有效的战略解决方案,以响应客户的需求. Honed over four decades of tried and true experience, 我们的解决方案通过我们专有的服务交付框架——面向企业的任务参与资源——交付 合并.  






信息技术 请求更多信息


值得信赖的十大棋牌娱乐平台 provides end-to-end IT engineering lifecycle services encompassing 设计, 发展, 安全, 集成, 操作, 和维护. 


我们提供能力规划, 技术策略, 蓝图和投资路线图, 应用程序组合规划, 以及技术参考模型.


We provide data-centric business and technical services focused Data Science and Information Sharing. This includes expertise in developing solutions using Big Data, 商业智能, 信息交流, 数据仓库, 数据挖掘, 知识发现和数据分析.

系统集成、应用 & 移动开发

We provide enterprise capabilities to support 软件 architectures, 遗留系统迁移, 应用程序和移动开发, 移动优先用户体验设计, 508年合规, 软件工程, 互操作性 & 集成, ERP and GOTS/COTS 集成, and quality 配置管理.


We integrate real-time enterprise communication services such as instant messaging, 在线状态信息, 语音(包括IP电话), 流动特性, audio, 网络和视频会议, 固动融合(FMC), 桌面共享, 数据共享, 呼叫控制和语音识别与非实时通信服务,如统一消息.


We provide compliant enterprise services for private, 公共, 混合云解决方案, as well as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), 平台即服务(Paas), 软件即服务(SaaS). 我们提供虚拟的, 弹性, scalable managed IT services and application hosting and migration best practices.


We address ever-evolving threats and unauthorized access to enterprise systems, 网络, 应用程序, and data through integrated technologies, 方法, and best practices in both Cyber Security and Information Assurance. Our solutions strive to prevent cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, and cyber warfare.

Call Centers, Service Desk, and End User Services

We offer services in support of tiered customer support, 事件管理, and service requests to include 桌面 management, break-fix, and 部署 services for enterprise end users.


工程与分析 请求更多信息

我们提供给我们的客户研究 & 开发(R&D)和科学 & 技术(年代&T)功能, 工程技术, 以及应用科学分析原理和过程来设计和开发系统解决方案的主题专家.


我们提供分析、需求 & Specification Development, and System Design Documentation.


We offer technical support for investigating materials with strategic or intelligence value.

New Technology Development and Insertion

We 设计, prototype, demonstrate, or develop and integrate new technology solutions. 我们的专家确定并展示新技术和实施建议,以支持降低成本, 提高生产力, 或者减少非生产过程.




We provide assessments of processes and workflows with the intent of providing improvements.


项目任务支持 请求更多信息

我们提供程序化的, 从材料解决方案分析到技术开发的所有阶段,为主要系统采购提供必要的工程和物流解决方案, production and 部署 (initial Operational Capability – IOC), 运营支持和维持(全面运营能力- FOC),以最大限度地提高系统效率.


我们为在采办生命周期中需要知识和经验的各级国防部/机构采办项目提供质量支持, including pre-acquisition definition and capabilities 集成 of requirements, acquisition program management philosophy, policies and procedures to the procurement of systems, 子系统, 生命周期获取管理.


We provide engineering support services including the following: System 工程, engineering and technical support; resources for requirements definition and threat analysis; 安全 assessments; trade-off and feasibility studies; 设计, 发展, 测试, 安装, 调查, creation and verification of technical 文档, 计划, and drawings related to technical management concepts; and performance, 兼容性, 互操作性, 接口, 以及操作评估.


我们知道,复杂的采办项目需要广泛关注配置管理领域的细节. 我们应用可靠的程序实践来建立和维护产品或系统属性与需求的一致性,以及在其生命周期中不断发展的技术基线.


我们管理产品测试, to include reviewing and creating test standards and specifications; developing 测试 评价 Management Plans, 调度, 确定必要的评估员, 安排对外服务, and fabricating thresholds for performance. 我们进一步分析结果,并根据测试结果和建议为决策者制定有说服力的报告. 我们管理从初始运营能力到运营支持和全面运营能力的产品.


We provide cognizance of technology improvements and analyze of their value to the product. 这包括合并形式, fit and function improvements and/or changes against cost and 可持续性 factors.


We manage costs associated with a given product/project. This includes full financial accounting and tracking under accepted industry standards. Total cost accounting must include tracking acquisition, 劳动, 可持续性, life cycle and total ownership costs against budget 测量s and/or profit goals.


We provide full lifecycle management capabilities, 包括规划, 操作员培训管理, 后勤支持, 在职工程, coordination of new technologies and modernization, post-construction assistance for maintenance, 修理和大修, 配置管理, and obsolescence management on a long-term orchestrated program to attain life cycle cost reductions.


测试与评估 请求更多信息

我们为客户提供测试和评估专业知识,以支持独立验证和验证(IV)&V); 发育测试 & 评估(DT&E); 操作测试 & 评估(不&E); Interoperability 测试 & 评价; and support to 测试政策和监督 to deliver credible qualitative and quantitative data on the capabilities and limitations of the system under test, 以及影响系统成本的风险, 开发进度和性能.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

我们的第四&V解决方案为管理层提供了项目活动的独立视角,促进了项目/产品差异的早期检测,并涵盖了包括操作环境在内的整个分析范围, 硬件, 软件, 接口应用程序, 文档, 运营商, and users to ensure that the product is well-engineered, and is being developed in accordance with customer requirements.

发育测试 & 评估(DT&E)

我们的DT&E解决方案验证系统的设计是令人满意的,所有的技术规范和合同要求已经得到满足. 有时被称为技术测试,DT&E is usually sponsored by the program office and can be conducted by the government, 承包商, 或者两者兼而有之.

操作测试 & 评估(不&E)

OT&E通常紧跟DT&E并验证被测系统在由典型操作员操作以对抗典型威胁时,可以在实际操作环境中有效地执行其任务. DT和DT的区别&E和OT&E就是DT&E verifies that the system is built correctly in accordance with the specification and contract, 和不&E验证系统能够成功地完成它的任务是一个现实的操作环境.


Interoperability 测试 often spans DT&E和OT&E and relies on multiple test events conducted by various organizations. 测试的数量和类型将根据被评估系统的特性而变化,最终目标是通过联合互操作性测试司令部(JITC是唯一可以认证互操作性的组织)的认证。. 有了新的收购策略, 比如螺旋开发和敏捷开发, testers are involved earlier; this helps the JITC collect information and data to reduce risk and time required for 互操作性 certification and 操作al 测试 or assessments.


我们世界级的团队通过测试政策和监督来支持许多国防部项目,以完成他们的任务. 主管,操作测试 & 评估(点&E)是国防部长在作战测试和评估(OT)方面的主要助理和高级顾问&E)在国防部. 点&E负责签发DoD OT&E policy and procedures; reviewing and analyzing the results of OT&E conducted for each major DoD acquisition program; providing independent assessments for the Secretary of Defense, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, 技术与物流(USD&L)); and Congress; making budgetary and financial recommendations to the SecDef regarding OT&E; and overseeing major DoD acquisition programs to ensure OT&E足以确认防御系统在战斗使用中的作战有效性和适用性.


我们为客户提供现场直播, 虚拟, and/or constructive (LVC) training and training solutions to develop, 测量, and ensure mission readiness around the world.


我们提供现场直播 instructor-based training in a class setting, including all aspects of classroom management, 调度, evaluation tools and equipment used for learning.


我们提供现场直播, remote instructor-based training in a variety of tele-video settings, including all aspects of classroom management, 调度, evaluation tools and equipment used for learning.


我们的米&S 培训 Solutions use models – physical, 数学, or otherwise logical representations of a system, 实体, 现象, 或过程-作为模拟的基础-开发数据作为管理或技术决策的基础.


我们提供一种指导模式,包括监督“培训生”的活动,并提供现场或后续纠正. We also provide “deskside” training or active one-on-one field training, which is useful for recertification or remedial/corrective training resulting from quality reviews.


We provide digital instruction on a host of electronic platforms (laptop, 桌面, 亭, 平板电脑, 或移动). 我们的专长包括策划, 设计, 发展, 测试, 部署, maintenance and modification of computer-based learning solutions.


教学系统设计是一种创造“教学体验”的方法,它使知识和技能的获取更有效, 有效的, 和吸引人的. The process consists broadly of determining the state and needs of the learner, 定义教学的最终目标, and creating some “intervention” to assist in the transition.